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              手 機:18029123970(微信同號)
              傳  真:+86-769-23062741
              技術支持:18925835885 吳先生
              網絡營銷咨詢:0769-89975189 魏小姐
              地  址:東莞市東城區溫塘中路383

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               岡田科技是經認定的國家高新技術企業和民營科技企業,擁有專利50多項, 其中發明專利和軟件著作權共20多項。




               The second industrial revolution has already begun as automation has completely changed the way we handle production and Dongguan Okata Electronic Technology Co. has been playing its part in the movement since our founding in 2005. Our concentration is on the R&D and production of high-precision automation equipment for unmanned production workshops. Our core products include automated soldering machines, automatic screw driving machines, and automatic dispensers. These pieces of advanced equipment are utilized by producers of electronics, electrical appliances, toys, communications equipment, cars, and other industries. We provide systematic automated solutions and comprehensive equipment that has made us a well-known enterprise in the industry.

               Okata Technology  is a recognized national high-tech enterprise and private technology enterprise and has been granted more than 50 patents, among which are over 20 invention patents and software copyrights.

               The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and our products have been certified under UL, GS, CE, and other industry relevant standards. Our headquarters is in Dongguan, and we hold offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing.


              With an enterprise culture based around “Honesty, Integrity, Cooperation, and Sharing”, as well as a scientific, standardized management system, we have attracted a significant amount of high-level industry talent. We have senior mechanical designers, software engineers, and professional equipment maintenance staff members, all of which offer valuable input on product development and all-around services. We believe excellence lies in the details and this focus on quality at every level has won the broad trust and support of customers. We have become a strategic partner of many world-famous enterprises.










              銷售熱線:400-808-8236 , 18029123970 (魏小姐)  傳真:+86-769-23062741  技術支持:18925835885 (吳先生) 
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